Interbank lending and foreign exchange operations

Moskommertsbank offers the following interbank lending programs:

  • Unsecured loans in accordance with established limits risk limit for the contracting bank
  • Loans secured against promissory notes and Bank certificates
  • Loans secured against state securities

The interest rate depends on the bank’s rating, lending term, type of loan collateral, and the situation on the money and interbank markets.
Moskommertsbank offers the following foreign exchange operations on Russian and international money market:

  • Purchase/sale of hard and soft currencies on the inter-bank market with a “today”, “tomorrow”, “spot”, “forward” or “swap” value date
  • Transactions with value dates from 1 day up to one year
  • Flexible price terms for the transactions
  • Customized approach for our clients
  • Hedging currency risks using derivatives market instruments