Historical milestones

In September Moskommertsbank opened new branch in Volgograd and in Moscow.

In March 2010 CB “Moskommertsbank” (LLC) made a decision on the reorganization to a CB "Moscommertsbank" (Open Joint Stock Company).
In October Moskommertsbank has started rebranding campaign.
In December was completed the reorganizations procedure of Moskommertsbank.

Moskommertsbank begins to focus on SME, retail and corporate clients.

Kazkommertsbank became the owner of 100% shares of Moskommertsbank.

Second bonds issues in total amount of RUB 6 billion.
Undertakes first securitization (USD 164 mln.).
In July 2007 Kazkommertsbank purchased 52.11% of Bank’s equity. The remaining 47,89% shares obtained in trust management providing 100% control under Moskommertsbank.
In December starts 2nd securitization deal (warehouse stage USD 311 mln.).

Moskommertsbank begins focus on retail market and offers first mortgages and car loans.
Moskommertsbank became one of the largest players on mortgage market of Moscow.
In November 2006 an increase of Moskommertsbank charter capital by USD 50 mln. (+70%). and USD 40 mln. was provided by Kazkommertsbank.

In June 2005 Moskommertsbank became a member of Deposit Insurance System.
Moskommertsbank stated building up its regional network (first one in St. Petersburg).
Primary bond issue value for RUB 1 billion, maturing in 3 years.

Moskommertsbank became a Top 100 Russian bank by total assets.
Moskommertsbank has purchased the pool of mortgage loans of “Delta-Credit” Bank.

Kazkommertsbank begins to consolidate Moskommertsbank in its financial statements based of its “effective control”.

Renamed to Moskommertsbank in September 2002.

The bank was founded in April 2001 as “Interregional Bank for Development of Entrepreneurship”, acting as a strategic partner of “Kazkommertsbank”.